Error with videos in auction house

13/10/17 23:42
2 days can't watch videos to get free auction points. I press the button with free videos. VIDEOS 6/6 available but I press and see: error ocurred.
Please help.
Team name: Anguloru Ireland Universe guild
14/10/17 12:43
There's a limited number of video views available per day so it is possible that you might be viewing too late, makes sense seeing guys are going to push for extra rp at the start of the season
14/10/17 23:43
No, I did not watched any for 3 days now
15/10/17 09:47
Exit and relaunch again. Worked for me.
16/10/17 03:23
3 days now and I can't get anything in my auctions. They get me watching a couple of payoff. Get this fixed
18/10/17 20:41
Same problem here. Watch the whole reward.
18/10/17 21:11
If the problem persists log a support ticket. The best the forum members can do is give advice
19/10/17 09:59
Same here after watching no reward then gives error
19/10/17 16:03
A new update has been released addressing the above as well as an issue experienced with facebook heal kits
24/10/17 17:58
It's still crashing the app every time I try and view a video.