Jonny’s Marauders Hanging up my virtual boots

01/12/17 22:13
I’m hanging up my virtual boots and would like to thank all my teammates in Team GB for making my time playing the game memorable and enjoyable.

My reasons for leaving are that I can no longer give the game the time it needs to be competitive.

I would also like to thank everyone I’ve played against for making me the player I am.

Good luck to you all in the game and that includes Black Monks and Fire of Dragons.

Cheers Jonny
01/12/17 23:15
Good luck johnny, you can come to the library and retire in peace with me. Sim city getting closer to done for me
02/12/17 09:25
Good luck Karl, you were always a tough nut to crack.
02/12/17 12:03
You were a brilliant Right Hand for us in the 'early days' a solid player. Have a great Christmas mate!
05/12/17 02:02
All the best Johnny, one of the better players in this game.