How many "Game Engines" are there?

06/12/17 15:21
As the title alludes to, I am trying to figure out how many "Game Engines" this game actually uses. At an educated (or not) guess, I think it may be the following:

1. For friendlies where health reduction does not occur in real terms but is simulated during the game from whatever starting point you have for both teams.

2. Map Matches where health reduction occurs in real terms for the challenger but not the challenged team but still to a lesser extent than in GCs? Health reduction is simulated for the challenged team.

3. Guild Challenges where health reduction occurs in real terms for the challenger but is again only simulated for the challenged team.

4. Tournament and Championship matches where health reduction occurs at the same rate for both teams.

Anyone have a definitive answer or should I log a ticket? No point me doing that if someone already has and knows the answer however.
06/12/17 19:18
Bump! It would be nice to get an answer to this.
07/12/17 01:20
07/12/17 04:12
Black Monks :


07/12/17 12:00
Black Monks :


hehe...BM..."the answer to life, the universe and everything"
09/12/17 01:01
Myself and several others have raised tickets with regards the engines and also what I believe to be varying away advantage. We get completely un related answers. I think the last one I got was "rythm above 90 can cause injuries".
14/12/17 02:35
Dhfsp, you are right
16/12/17 14:57
Angulorus :

Dhfsp, you are right

Thanks Angulorus, I may not be which is why I asked the question but can't be far off.