Mnr hermias

22/02/18 19:38
How do is use my players on the bence
22/02/18 19:52
Click on strategy when watching the match (bottom right of screen) and click the player you want to use and drag them to who you want to replace and then release.
22/02/18 19:53
You can only use the when you are online. When you are watching your game there is the strategy tab on the bottom right, hit that then drag your players in to the positions that you want to sub out. You can make 7 subs per game.

Hope that helps.
22/02/18 19:53
Yeah, what he said
22/02/18 19:56
Thx will try that ,will it works before a match also to change my 2 nr 10's
22/02/18 19:58
Yeah. Go into strat and make changes before your game too.
22/02/18 20:02
Thx a mil ,I am new in the game (Luderitz Catfish)
22/02/18 20:14
No worries dude, we all started somewhere. Good luck in your progression.
25/02/18 20:23
Guest 2VNN0Y :

Thx a mil ,I am new in the game (Luderitz Catfish)

Good sign. You are asking the most important question early on. Subbing is absolutely key to doing well in this game. Keep doing it and training as often as you physically can.

BTW, in case you were wondering, unlike real rugby you can only sub 7 players. Injuries are subbed automatically in addition to this 7.