Buying levels

13/06/18 17:51
Just want to find out is there a limit on buying levels because I'm a level 61 just finished my championship but I can't buy levels
15/06/18 12:30
Why would you want to buy a level? Just finish in the top three and you get a double jump. Level any faster and you cant train fast enough to keep up.

When you finish at or near the top of your league you get the offer. My advice, turn it down.
15/06/18 13:52
Some people don't see the point of waiting 30 months to get to the top levels.
15/06/18 20:34
I think this is where Sweet Nitro offer an extra level for a price but not sure where it stops. They did then add 4* to all the players to mitigate most of the extra level jump. They do not offer it at the top and not sure what is the cut off point.
15/06/18 22:48
I think the cut off point is 4 levels below top. So now it would be 65. Don't hold me to that but I'm pretty sure on it.
19/06/18 23:14
I agree with Saruman its either 4 or 5