Funds held in Stadium

05/07/18 13:11
Hi, Does anyone know how much "money" you can build up in your Stadium? I saw 250 million was written the other day but I don't know if that was tongue in cheek or not.
05/07/18 13:20
I think you can store much more than $250 million in the stadium. What I don't know is how you would be able to cash that amount of money out unless there's a brilliant trick I'm missing out on
05/07/18 13:40
You can store as much as you like. You can only recoup your bank amount and the rest disappears forever
06/07/18 08:18
Thanks both, but just to get things clear in my mind, if your banks are maxed out and you want to make a purchase exceeding your bank balance it won't happen? Example, banks are full at 62 mill. I then want to make an upgrade at say 70 mill. I can't, even though I have plenty of money floating about in my Stadium and buildings etc?
06/07/18 13:11
Depends the purchase. You can go over bank limit at the time of proportion, if your bank is full they still give you your league bonus. There are other tricks with/for sports shop as well. It's all about management.
06/07/18 14:33
if you remove a sports shop bid you can't go over bank limit , but any extra money from a successful bid will be returned to your bank even if it goes over limit
06/07/18 15:17
If you drop your own bid the money is lost if your bank is full. If someone out bids it isn't lost.
06/07/18 15:35
Watch out on sports shop not refunding the difference. A couple of times now have seen the unused amount from a bid not returned. Not even that capping at bank limit it is everything.