29/08/16 16:06
I'm trying to get a handle on what some of the skills do..

the description for Str simply says (it helps you hurt players)

I am guessing it does far more then that so i guess i'll ask the best way i can..

Does Str help you Tackle or keep from being tackled..

Does it help a QB throw faster or add distance?
Does it help a kicker. kick better..

does it add to speed? stronger legs = faster legs

Does it help with fumbles... as I notice that a Solid HB with max Anti fumble seems to get tired and fumble more late in games...

or does it simply add to the chance that you can hurt someone?

29/08/16 21:19
31/08/16 14:50
No strength only help your player to injured other player and has no impact at all on the simulation
31/08/16 15:30
wow, I have to admit i am surprised by this...

Thank you for the answer
12/04/17 09:35
no impact at all on the simulation? thats crazy so unless you just want to injure everyone strength is basically a worthless stat? that is unless you are helping other teams win by taking out key players