New Bonus point system

02/02/18 23:52
Yep, only situation of a fixed game that I wouldn't want to see against me. You get draws all season and I'm not worried about you
03/02/18 09:17
Sounds a much more dangerous strategy for one of the teams. It could just be online v offline given the large score discrepancies that can materialise.
03/02/18 10:58
Also thinking about it what is the difference ethically between throwing a league match and a guild match against the infamous cash cow. Yes they benefit from cash but on a principles basis for the team throwing the match it is no different. If one would not happen in real rugby it makes the practice questionable. Discuss.
03/02/18 19:34
Real rugby doesn't have gvgs.
03/02/18 20:59
Isn’t that the point? We are not playing rugby under IRB rules, we are playing an online game. Our opinion on what is acceptable behaviour in this game is just that, an opinion. I thought that the contrived 3 point each draws were wrong and the developers have done something about it. But I also think that Black Monks and now fallen are raising interesting questions about why we think some contrived results are acceptable, but not others.
03/02/18 22:59
The comparison you draw between fixing league matches which sees innocent teams relegated and milking an opponent in a one sided gvg is literally ridiculous.
03/02/18 23:38
It is an interesting question.
03/02/18 23:58
fixing GC matches to get more money does then give you an advantage over other teams in your championship matches, that extra money could be the difference between who has a sports shop item, or another upgrade of strat building, or even just be used as MB
04/02/18 01:51
It is amusing that all these tactics are basically to gain advantage in the game (obviously). The central tenet of a competitive encounter is that you try to win. But If by losing the battle you win the war... then it comes down to how low you are prepared to go. And we must also ask ourselves, is winning more important than everything? Fair play means something.
04/02/18 03:50
You are right Oxford it is the underlying point. The so called cash cow is never anyone that is in same league as a guild mate unless you wish to fund their mb use against you in the league. This is why some get upset as well when they are not challenged as generally you need the guild matches to fund mb or sports shop equipment. The reality as well is the cow also gets and advantage that they can fund mb or Sim City updates they can't afford. There is no difference we are all just playing to the boundaries set down by Sweetnitro. We may not agree with them all but we have the chance to complain and then play to whatever new boundaries are provided.