Teams up for take over

22/01/20 18:12
Hi all just to say I'm quitting the game; partly for the childish behavior on the forum from a mindless few Iranians and non Iranians slagging each other off. No wonder admin don't listen to anything on here anymore and if something is put on here they most probably think well lets just put another level for the buildings!! Wow how exciting we need changes to make the game a bit more realistic not upgrades for buildings?
So I have decided to quit I have had enough after playing it for about 5 years so if anyone wants any of my 5 teams Taffy's Dragons; Newport County; Mountain ash; Cwmbran & Wales please say they all got loads off heals; rp's and gold balls if interested please join the fb group so i can check you out here is the link
I will keep my original team till last Taffy's Dragons but the rest are ready to go straight away. I'm hoping to get rid by the start off the next season.
For all those i have met over the years on here 1st at my original guild like red mancs; whales tolgate to name a few then the 1's that joined me in the next guild and where i am now Tim Cymru i thank you all for your support and loyalty and wish you all the best for the future
26/01/20 00:03
Wow an absolute legend departing one of the most respectful guys in the game a proper class act real shame to see a good Welsh team and one of the oldest players in the game calling time but I understand huge respect for what you did with Team wales and then making another great side in Tim Cyrmu if any of them are in need of a guild due to your departure they can play me in rebels and i'll hapilly welcome back some of my ex members or welcome some new members but hopefully someone else takes over your great leadership and we still have Cyrmu battling as a guild to the best of their capacity whatever that bu honestly Best of luck in life Ian an absolute pleasure to play with you for a short while and sad to see one of the best go.

If I had more time I'd say i'd take a team from you but life is kinda crazy rn but i'm sure someone will take them just a suggestion but why not offer them to your own guild first as to lose 5 accounts is massive and your gunna be one difficult to replace and maybe someone lesser in your could benefit from seeing how you played the game just a thought

Yours sincerely

26/01/20 12:30
Thxs Ash much appreciated 2 of your teams have played me think 1 is yours lol but always have it set on 1 of the defaults strats
As for my 5 teams looks like no one wants them they got till Friday that be the last day I'll log into them. All of them but 1 is fully upgrades builds loads of cash using the stadiums as banks as usual lol; got plenty of gold balls and plenty of r'ps too but if no one wants them then they just go to the sweet nitro graveyard with the rest of the teams. But I will say this "I WILL NOT BE COMING BACK" not like some these games are never the same I've tried with other games and just doesn't work so as i said my final day will be Friday.
28/01/20 12:56
Sorry to see you go I have already got too many teams so am shutting one down so sorry cant take one on as like Ashley I want a life outside this game.

Don't bet on the money in the stadium though I tried cashing it in once there was well over a billion in there it failed to go into the bank & when I contacted the admin guy he said he had found it & had it since then they wont answer any enquiries about where it is & have never given it me back.

That happened back in September I even sent an email direct to Sweet nitro again never got a reply.

I'm almost back to that again now & the next time they add buildings if my Bank gets low & I try it again & it gets lost I will be joining you once is bad twice will be too much & they can stuff their game.
28/01/20 16:28
thxs Shaun even thou i don't think we ever played in the same guild much appreciate the best and wish you all the best in the future
29/01/20 17:55
I don't think so Taff I have only ever been with this group it was originally called English P L when I joined it. After a few months the leader (you could only have one leader back then) decided to make me the only R/H by dropping the others to Experienced he then quit the league that made me leader he then returned saying he thought I was the right person to be leader rather than him.

I have remained with them ever since we have changed the name & a couple of other things since then but I have always remained with them so unless you had a team in the ENGLISH PREMIER LEAGUE, ENGLISH PREMIER LEAGUE MkII, EPL mKIII, EPL MKIV or the very short lived EPL MKV then we have never been Guild Mates.

All the best to you too & if you ever find a decent game & still have access to one of your teams please let me or for that matter all of us know.

30/01/20 10:27
Be big loss to game. Sorry to see English speaking teams leave. got few wales and England teams on my guild. Have past. on idea to contact through here and maybe they lookat 1 or 2 teams.....hopefully keep your guild rolling. Anyway, thanks for good tough honest guild challenge match ups.
31/01/20 10:05
Shame to lose a good player from the game, id like to take over one of your teams ian, ive applied to join your fb group its pending atm. hope im not to late!
31/01/20 15:43
Dozza no your not I've accepted you into the fb group.
Shaun Started playing a new 1 just over a week ago called Football Management Ultra proper leagues with home & away games; promotion and relegation. The top teams from each countrys top league qualify for a european comp; also a national cup comp; chance to coach a national team if yr elected the only drawback i can see is live games are in real time 45 mins each way but i can live with that lol seems miles better than this but early days yet.
01/02/20 09:42
Thanks Taffy will have a look at it