Name 'n shame

06/06/16 09:20
Tired of playing top guilds that don't complete a GvG. Yes High Tackle this is for you...we have played 2 challenges against your guild that we have won and you stop at 8 wins with games to spare. What a joke from a top 10 guild.

Springbok Legends
06/06/16 10:46
Look forward to playing you soon Springbok Legends :0)
International Lions

PS ... That applies to you to KK ;0)
06/06/16 10:57
You got the best of both now so it will be a nightmare challenge what time do ur challenges run?
06/06/16 12:10
Next one starts in 2h30 mins from this msg
06/06/16 16:52
I'm sure we will sync soon enough. Btw we've stopped the Fairgame challenges cos there arent enough takers to make it worthwhile. Also with the new update there may be GvG matching with victories won etc and also they talking about letting all 25 teams play in the challenge.

P.S Nice guild u got going there. Looks like a powerhouse lineup.
14/07/16 09:39
# J9 Benchwarmers
MB pussies
Nuff said
14/07/16 10:29
Have we played you yet? I don't recall
14/07/16 10:38
We played them LT (Springbok Legends) and a very good GvG challenge it was too ....
14/07/16 10:46
High Tackle have looked dead on their feet for weeks/months
14/07/16 19:22
I vote for J9 Benchwarmers they use mb in a gvg against a number 30 Guild and they are top 10!! WTF