Black Monks

13/03/17 00:24
Is asking for how long he is banned for, and what for.
13/03/17 01:19
I bet he wishes he hadn't questioned carshalton. Just accept that you're a recidivist idiot or be banned too.
13/03/17 01:27
Who me? Theres no need to be nasty, be nice.

Moderators see above, take action, ticket raised.
13/03/17 01:40
You can't ban me for saying what the admin said, viva team gb!
13/03/17 01:55
So admin said this too, which one? Are they now banned for name calling?
13/03/17 02:07
Carshalton didn't say specifically you Bluemooners and black monk, but even a recidivist idiot knows who we are talking about. Or do you need help?
13/03/17 02:12
Cant be talking about me as I have no criminal convictions. If he were id be suing him for libel. Surely Carshalton isnt an idiot?
13/03/17 02:59
Carshalton, I apologize if I got you in trouble, I only mean to support you and team gb. Once again, what do I need to do to join your guild? I want to learn.
13/03/17 03:01
Black monks has been banned by developer/senior admin and not by me or carshalton his ban expires 11/4/17
13/03/17 03:11
Hes now asking why?