How do some players auto sub their entire bench instantly on 40 minutes

11/10/18 18:03
Both my guild mates and I have noticed some odd behaviour by teams over the last few hours/days

I team when challenged in GC manages to sub all 7 players instantly on the 40 minute mark

Even if someone is monitoring their game when they get challenged, unlikely but possible, it takes a few seconds to make each substitution manually

This suggests that some players are using a hack/cheat to monitor their games, probably while offline, and auto sub 7 players at halftime

Has anyone else noticed this or have any advice as to whether it is standard gameplay or not?
11/10/18 18:11
If they are online I think it is quite possible and regular to occur at once, especially in low scoring matches. You can give you name, guild name and matches you find odd and people on here may take a look. I am not aware of any active bots in this game but one could be made if the desire and motivation were high enough.
11/10/18 21:17
Hi Guest EO,
it seems you are basing your supposition on just one match played. I suggest you look at the team's schedule and see if he has subbed in ALL away GC matches. If this so, give the name and Guild, so others may look. If not, I don't expect a response to this post.
12/10/18 07:48
If you have made all your changes witch is easy to do and quick and even quicker on the computer and the ball hasn't gone out or a foul, by the time the ball goes out all the players will come off at one time... quite easy to do actually
12/10/18 20:33
Make all subs when 36 mins have been played and you will have a fresh set on the 40 min mark. It's not too difficult to achieve.
13/10/18 00:21
even I dont see the issue it's very possible done this myself not every game like cos not possible to be online 24/7 but ones you're on I tend to hit mine around 30mins
15/10/18 08:55
If you sub all while the game is uninterrupted by scrums/penelties/line outs they will all come out at once, hitting the 40min mark is just luck, but It happens often.