Touchdown Manager feedback!

06/07/16 11:37
Welcome to the Touchdown Manager!

We have just opened the game to the public and are very eager to hear your feedback on any aspects of the game! We are still tweaking the game so you might see some changes in the near future. All changes will be detailed on the forum.

All feedback is welcome but we are especially interested in remarks regarding the match simulation.

We might be able to anticipate a few questions with this FAQ :

1. Will the game be on mobile/tablets?
Yes, iOS, Android and Amazon store versions will be available soon

2. Can I play the web version without Facebook?
Yes, you can register by email here:

3. I have a problem with the game
Contact our support team for technical and/or account related issues. There is a support button in the game > options > support.

Enjoy the game!

The Touchdown Manager team
06/07/16 16:54
I just played my first match!

07/07/16 20:34
can i play today
08/07/16 04:04
halfway through match
08/07/16 09:53
Jay Gary Patel > yes you can

Mark Chapman > what do you mean?
09/07/16 03:51
09/07/16 16:17
Aguilar Les > could you give us more details?
10/07/16 09:13
Alright, I've been playing this game for a couple of days now. As the game's dev team has requested open feedback, I'll be happy to offer my opinion on what I've experienced so far.

Sounds- Currently non existent. This is one of those quality-of-life changes I'd both love and expect to see. Perhaps some music clip for the overhead screen, a different clip for the actual match, and definitely some sound effects, both in and out of matches. Would love to see some effects for touchdowns,

Players- So far, we have only names and stars to define who is who. Some faces to add to the names would help make the players feel more memorable.

Gameplay- I like the match simulation for the most part. It's simple and efficient. Adding the above sounds should make it more exciting to watch, but the overall feel is good. I enjoy being able to pick the plays for offense. Maybe add in some defensive choices in the future?

The building aspect is your standard Pay-to-win experience. Personally, I feel that there's nothing inherently wrong with that. You've gotta get paid somehow, right? I spent 5 bucks on one of the Deals of the Hour (fantastic idea, by the way), and got a substantial leg up on my beginning competition. Still, I find myself burdened by lack of construction workers, as they are...prohibitively expensive. I got a second for 40 GB, and the third costs 100. That means that there's no realistic way for someone to make a F2P account, and have a realistic chance of keeping up. Making the achievements give out more GB may fix that problem, and make more players stick around longer. Another solution would be to have a build queue, lining up construction jobs
for the next 24 hours.
All in all, the experience feels halfway decent. i will certainly spend more time on this game, and will give more feedback as I find it. Thank you for the opportunity to give the feedback, and again for listening.
10/07/16 20:04
Hi Tony,

Thanks for your detailed feedback!

Regarding sounds, we will definitely add some in the next patch, we just haven't got to it yet.

For the players, it's true that having faces would make them easier to differentiate but it would require a lot more extra space on the already crammed player items in the UI on the field. If we only have the faces on the advanced profile they won't be that useful either so we decided to go without faces.

I understand your feeling about the workers but they do short circuit most of the construction time which is part of the game's economy. However, other than the strategy buildings which very slightly boost your team's stats, buildings don't have that much of an impact on the field and your teams performance so you shouldn't be that penalized if you stick with a unique worker. Also, you can earn GBs by playing tournaments which add up quickly.

When you say half-way decent, are there any other things you haven't listed yet?
12/07/16 02:50
why the game ignore my play selection EVERY time on offense. not exaggerating. Every time

can we have a faq on that training and resting does? too many features are not documented and we have to guess or experiment