Map Games

03/11/16 14:27
Thank You MR Admin, AS I SURE you must not have read all the posts....I DONT have but 1 person on my map to play, he is from my guild, and I do not have the option to replace him...BUT I SEEM to be on others maps and they can play me, use that POS slider, Hurt my players steal my fans...AND I HAVE NO WAY TO PLAY THEM AND GET THEM BACK..OR ANYONE ELSE....Y'all really need to try reading ALL THREADS on the forum...FIX THE issue and stop dodging the problems !
16/11/16 02:20
And again no reply from these people that run this game really come on guys. I even put in a ticket in support and no reply. Please people if you read any of this and what is going on with this game DON'T SPEND YOUR MONEY ON THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!. As I have and so have other people I know and I just can't understand how it is okay for people to use the slider to take fans from us and I can't get any players on my map WTF!!!!!!!!!!!. And you can take your 24hrs and shove where the sun don't shine I have been waiting for days and so have other people. But that's right just take our money then ignore us that is a good why to run your dumb game.
16/11/16 02:47
I for one am with you sir, I spent a lot of money on this game, was the first to 140000 fans, first to build out all building, and have not had one reply from these guys since I started on anything, I have stopped spending, started looking at other games the last few days, and have contacted my bank about getting my money returned as these guys aren't going to do a damn thing to fix the problems , address the issues or reply to anyone with a complaint about the game or service....
16/11/16 15:38
I play all the subinet games your lucky to have even got one response tbh from an admin cos all the other sublinet run games the forum is still active but nobody responds to anything and in my past experiences when admins were around the responses were all pretty poor and they were not very helpful in general I got stuff like


We will look into this

Thankyou I will pass your feedback on

nothing ever changed about the game despite all the suggestions and in the end that's what killed all their other games because they failed to listen to the players who played the game and it's happening here too like I've mentioned in past posts about guild challenges but now I just can't be bothered I know the truth is the developers have no intentions of developing the game unless it will make them money thats my honest take on it.
18/11/16 04:17
OMG .. you two are playing nicey nice ? didnt i just see you two in another thread fighting about the auction house ..?? Hot dog you two actually agreed on something .. im proud of you .. (whiping tear from eyes) . its beautiful .. can we get a group hug maybe ?
18/11/16 08:30
Oh no my stance is still the same when they play fair then I may reconsider until then I want NOTHING to do with them, and I certainly donot want an alliance with any of there members that is what is the source of the problem and I for one will move to any other guild on the game should we form relations with them.