Why search for a gc if you're not going to play?

10/04/18 10:30
Dreadlocked warriors :

MasseGat :

+- 8:30AM GMT tomorrow we will be done with our current GVG.

let me know if we should wait for you guys Dreadlock Warrior

Spuitpoep is up for the challenge

Ohh nice. We're done at 7:40am, perfect. I'll press at 8:30. Fingers crossed.

sorry mate got "bread from heaven" as opponents and we pressed at the same time, not sure if this method is going to work, gonna have to try again hahahahah
11/04/18 20:19
Lol. Well at least we're in the same time frame now. Hopefully we will meet soon.
11/04/18 23:57
Hawaii Try-0 are always happy to try and organise a GC with anyone.
12/04/18 13:37
Romford II :

Hawaii Try-0 are always happy to try and organise a GC with anyone.

It would be a good match up but I've given up on trying now, it never works. I've tried to match up with loads of teams now and it never works, at one point us and Webb Ellis pressed together and were both waiting for four hours for a line up before we ended up both getting rubbish guilds and not each other. We were next to each other in rankings at the time too, absolute joke.
We start in 2 hours so done in 26 if you want to get in the same time frame. Spuitpoep are somewhere near us aswell as we tried to match with them couple of days back.
12/04/18 18:55
We end in 4 hours lol

But if we get enough decent guilds starting at around the same time, then surely we would get matched up against eachother eventually.

No idea how they do the match ups, sometimes get a guild with 2 million less fans, sometimes 10 member guilds.

12/04/18 18:57
But yeah, we will eventually try and get in the same time frame, just might take a while, usually start one straight away but we will hold back a couple hours each time to try and close that 26 hour gap
12/04/18 21:48
We're exactly the same mate, had some shocking guilds.
It looks for opponents within +/- 20% of your average fans per player.
We've left it 12 hours in the past just to get a different pool of guilds.
Glad your trying to match up.
If all decent guilds were pressing at the same time there would be better odds.
12/04/18 23:58
We are experiencing the same and have tried to synchronise with other Guilds but it is too "hit and miss". The main problem is the "criteria" used for match-ups. It needs to be based on "average team levels" rather than the cack it is right now.

We would much rather play Guilds that we know will currently beat us than the dross we are getting right now. At least with a really top Guild you know everyone will contribute barring real life commitments.
13/04/18 10:36
Hi all. Sharkie from World Rebellion Mongrels here.

We too hate playing inactive guilds, so if anyone wants to try a match up, we would be happy.

We play all our matches and range from level 50 to level 62, but always fight till the end.

I'm only level 54 (56 tomorrow) so am probably not much competition for most of you but we have a handful of level 60 plus that are pretty handy.

13/04/18 12:46
Throwing Damage Inc. into the ring here as well. We never use MB and always play all our games