Strategy Instructions?

02/05/15 16:09
On the training page, how high or low should the bars be up or down or is it a personal choice?. I see what looks like a caution icon appears if you go to high. Anyone got any info on this?
04/05/15 09:58
Have a look to the help page into the player popup. Every player's attributes and instructions are explained there.
It's not good to set all instructions to the min nor to the max.
In a standard strategy, the default value must be good.
11/05/15 10:51
can you post a link because I am having trouble finding that player popup in help page
11/05/15 11:23
I'm speaking about this button :
11/06/15 22:12
PierrotLL :

I'm speaking about this button :

This is extremely helpful.
12/06/15 10:02
I hope to
If something in this help page seems unclear to you, please tell us, it may help a lot of players.