18/06/15 16:27
Whats with all the Injuries? Averaging 2 players injured per match and down to my last 11 fit players. Opponents never seem to get injured
21/06/15 16:38
24/06/15 12:28
increase the toughness stat of your players mate
24/06/15 12:28
30/06/15 17:32
ty Vishal, learn something everyday
03/09/15 12:30
i had yesterday 2 from my players injured and increased direct all my players, and yes today again 2 injured WHAT İS THAT FORE BULLSHİT!!

i had never problem whit injuries before i begin more don't like it the game.
07/09/15 11:39
every day injured players i don't no more what i can do more training not more training i have increased my players,
07/09/15 12:07
lower the stats on rythme and aggressiveness ...I almost never have injuries (knock on wood)
09/09/15 12:27
i have all 4 days before my players increased and yes again 2 injured, lower agressie and rythme not help
09/09/15 12:28
if this not change i leave the game