many questions

28/10/15 19:11
1 At what time is the result of a game determined?
You can watch a match live, but sometimes you already get money or gain / loose fans at the start of the match

2 Does a strategy change in a game make any difference in the result of a game?

3 Does a substitue player make any difference in the result of a game?

4 Is there a home field advantage?

5 Does team moral make a diffence in the result of a game?

6 Does fatigue make any differnce in the result of a game?

7 Can you preset a strategy change in a game?

8 Can you preset a substitute before the game?

9 Does it make a difference if you put a G, D, M or A in any position if those players have the same number of stats and same strategy instructions?

10 When will more guild options be available?

11 What will be the maximum level in this game?

12 Can there be one button with which you can collect all the money you have made with the shops (instead of clicking on every building seperatily)

13 Does the game put new players in the transfer market oon every level?

14 Will there be an option to send players messages directly?

15 Are there going to be extra levels for buildings when players reach level 20?
29/10/15 10:39
1) That was a temporary fix to avoid server crash, it was removed one or two weeks ago.
2) Yes, the new strategy will be applied from the next phase of the game (after a line-out, foul, try ...)
3) Yes. If you watch your matches, you can see players run slower at the end of the match, that's because they are tired.
4) No
5) Yes, have a look to the in-game help.
6) Same
7) No preset, your team apply the current strategy, but you can change it at anytime (including during match).
8) No. The game make changes automatically, but you can also do it yourself while the match is playing.
9) Two players with exactly the same skills and the same instructions are the same on the field, regardless of their post.
10) I really don't know
11) There is no max
12) That's not a bad idea, I will think about it.
13) Yes
14) I don't know. The big problem we have with that is avoiding insults.
15) I don't think so, it's not planned for now.
29/10/15 15:37
Thanks PierrotLL, that was very helpfull!

Q5 and Q6 - Is there a statistic basis for this? Like lets say 10% less energy means 1% less quality for the players in the game
I've played with 0% morale and energy under 50% and still win games against almost equal opponents.

Q8 The game makes changes automatically, but how does the game choose who is going. to be a substitute if some one gets injured. The game seems to randomly pick someone, but maybe it is not as random? Is it the players with the most energy, most moral, ...??

Q9 I shouldn't have sold my reserve star 85 goalkeeper then
New question. When you change a players strategy it will sometimes give an explenation mark (yellow). Are they related to the players default position? And if you ignore an explenation mark, will it influence the player quality in a negative way?

Q12 Thanks

Q14 I understand, it can be a problem. Maybe I should have asked a different question. Will there be a guild meeting room in which guild members can exchange information, help eachother etc ... Now the chat clears it elf and all that has been said is lost. It is hard to help new players.
29/10/15 17:12
5-6) Every skills are multiplied by (0.5 + 0.25 * moral + 0.25 * energy) * (1 + match bonus)
8) It picks the first player with the same post (or nearest post)
9) The warning sign means the setting if far from the default value. It's just here to alert noobs it's not good to put all to 100%.
14) Guild chat and forum are made to communicate between players. I will see what I can do for the chat erasing.
30/10/15 09:48
Thanks for the answers Pierre, they are indeed very informative.
01/11/15 20:09
Thanks Pierrot
01/11/15 20:35
I'm newby,my next upgrade for buildings and stadium is 290000,but my cash limit is 200,000
What do I need to do Now.
02/11/15 16:15
buy a bank ....or upgrade the bank you have
10/11/15 16:54
if you give your players heal kitts during the match, will it improve that players performance during the match?

If you raise the players moral during the match, does that improve the performance?

Can you give a match bonus during the match? Or does it have to done before the match starts?

When you challenge some one on the map or if you get challenged do you play with 100% moral and energy ...or do the actual moral and energy % count?
17/11/15 20:36
wow, waiting for a week for a response ...