Game tampering from guys at the top I suspect

11/08/18 00:50
You certainly gave me a fright. I will keep one eye open when I sleep!
Great game - well done.
14/08/18 15:00
Well here is a classic how the hell does this work question my second team had no chance as far as I could see of winning any challenge in a G C so i just challenged for the money the same team twice & lost 3-4 & then 1-5 OK sound fair enough so far?

I have just returned to find that same team then challenged mine who were about half way through a 4 hour training session at the time only thing is my team won 2-6

So my fully fit team lose twice but the same players then win when knackered even if energy levels made no difference please somebody tell me how that makes sense
14/08/18 17:46
Weird stuff Shaun. I’ve had some instances where my team has performed better when I’ve done a deep train, but it is not consistent like the Rule of 3 that we see in GCs.
I wish Sublinet would just stop trying to balance everything out. If you’re not on, if you deep train you pay the consequences.
15/08/18 17:55
Hi Shaun.
I may have the answer, I take it you weren't watching the 2-6 game - It could be the other team had even lower energy levels than you. You can't assume when teams play you in friendlies they''re at full strength. I play at low energy at times, just to look at the team structure. I'm not bothered about the result.
And were you both playing the same formations that were used in the previous matches?