Players Injured

27/09/15 22:38
I just had 2 players get injured, both 6 days. What I want to know, my hospital is at level9, 1 player says heal % is at 3.1 and other player is 5.44. Will they take 6 days each to heal or will the player with the 5.44% heal quicker than the player with 3.1% and also will it therefore still take 6 days to heal them or less?
28/09/15 11:19
There is no link between energy recovery speed and injury duration. They will take 6 days to be up and about.
29/09/15 08:07
How do I replace an injured player with a player on the bench?
29/09/15 08:23
He is automatically replaced
01/10/15 19:56
Or go to strategy building, take a player from the list on the left and drag him over to player on field you want to replace.