10/12/15 00:13
More buildings variety. Parking garage, decorations. Academy. Statues. Flags. Night time and daytime.
10/12/15 00:26
Union or club management building. Here you can view trophy case. See win percentage. Name president. View coach. ..also buy and sell coach with star value and increase salary for performance. .aka upgrade coaching
10/12/15 01:35
Club bar for players to get f****d up in after a game, obvious including a code for a raging hang over filled team that performs s**t the next day??
10/12/15 05:00
Yes an academy where you get your own young guns coming threw the ranks.the academy lets you know that you have a fly half coming through with a x star rating.. you can either keep him or send him to the auction house ect. And what about a gym?