Guild Challenge How do you win, lose or draw?

15/12/15 18:47
Brian Greenfield :

So looking at the match results is totally pointless? As for my counting being off I don't think so, the system is flawed

Dear Lord, look ONLY at your match results, the games you challenged... It's not hard, the guild that wins ten matches from all their challenges has got the top score. If the other Team does the same then it's a draw.. It's not a difficult concept.
16/12/15 02:42
Is there a way to stop other Guilds from Challenging you?
16/12/15 04:56
I don't think you quite understand how it works.
You only get points for winning your own challenges.
Losses do not affect points at your end,regardless of who challenges who.
There are 10 opponents each side.
Once an opponent has been beaten,he can't be challenged again.
Going by the above statements,the math is simple.
10 challenges won = 10 points.
9 challenges won = 9 points.
So on and so on.