Advice please for ALL!

16/01/16 16:57
We have suffered a major glitch since last night, now it appears to be clearing, the problem is team energy levels are lower than they should be and we now have a back log of matches....IS this an across the board problem OR will site owners resolve this without penalty to members??
16/01/16 17:44
You think it's clearing? Server's up and down like a whore's drawers.
16/01/16 18:27
It's basically a mess can't play tournament matches can't distribute training points to players. Etc
16/01/16 21:40
Nick Roberts and Silden-Saint, I agree with it cleared it appeared that I won last nights tournament match, and then 5 minutes later I lost this mornings championship match whilst my team was at 85% rather than the 100% they should have been at,.....the difference is for me (and possibly the same for you) in this seasons championship. in stead of being in the top 7, I am in the bottom three....