Moderator rules

11/02/17 22:30
Sir, I must say that I for one appreciate and respect the sacrifices made by the likes of my granddad & others who did their bit in the war. but like I said to everyone, please don't de-rail things like trains/trams etc as I said it is illegal and might result in travel delays and being late for work etc. not good!
11/02/17 22:36
Yes, 2 grandfather's in WWII...I get it. Please allow this conversation to remain on topic. If you would like to discuss your grandfather in more detail please start a new forum topic otherwise it would appear that you are derailing the Convo in an attempt to antagonize. Mods, can you answer my query regarding the bans for derailing. Thank you again
11/02/17 22:50
Mr Monks, no intent to antagonise anyone, merely just to extoll the service of veterans no mater what nation in their service. in the words of one of your greatest poets, Mr William I Am esquire, "But if you only have love for your own race, Then you only leave space to discriminate, And to discriminate only generates hate, And when you hate then you're bound to get irate, yeah"

11/02/17 23:10
Thanks falcon. Now slippery and colstons, please let me know the answer to my clarifying query. Thanks.
12/02/17 01:44
Here you go els.
12/02/17 09:56
Black Monks
The VAST majority of forum users do not seem to have a problem with the absence of documented forum 'rules' and manage to conduct themselves in an appropriate way.
I suggest you do as they do and use common sense. It seems to work for them.
12/02/17 12:39
I suggest it did work until people got banned because you were tired of them and thought others were too. I also believe that if I said what you just said I would be accused of antagonizing. I fear it quickly devolves into a question of who mods do and do not like if rules are not established and followed. In fact, in writing this honest, logical and common sense paragraph I fear I may be banned for reason beyond me. I would suggest bans should be limited to real content and not content that is assumed or read into.
12/02/17 14:30
Also, an active forum is good for this game. By banning caerneforon, mooners, Dave and myself the conversation has decreased significantly. Dying games need life breathed into them via discourse and not further being finished off by conversation being stifled. You have said before that you don't like having to read all of these posts but maybe you should take a break from being a mod if that is the case and not silence though that you are tired of. Finally, colston thank you for providing clarity to this question. Thank you for your consideration aND this post like all other posts have not been banter despite being in the banter section, but I did not want to be accused of untruths. Enjoy
12/02/17 14:39
Rumney RFC :

How dull...BAN THE CANCER!!!! Carshalton, change your name to radiation and silence the cancer

What? Is this you slippery or just a fan. I'm done, you all enjoy