Yellow triangle

12/09/17 00:06
Exactly my thoughts. Come on Sweetnitro let's do it.
17/09/17 12:03
One of the fallen legends of the game :

Also would be more fun than L25 buildings. We need something to stop people leaving the game.

Spot on. Long time since anything new was introduced to bring the game closer to reality and, whilst "lifers" like BM will plough on, you can see middling grade players/teams losing interest and drifting. Time for an upgrade. Thoughts:

1 Too many kicks go out on the full. Despite dropping the setting to almost zero it still happens. Change the kick setting to a distance measure to help control it and avoid that looping pattern of scrums. Defences can play out from deep .... if they can get the ball!
2 Too many penalties and conversions are successful when the ball is clearly on the outside of a post. Tighten the margins.
3 Introduce a long lineout throw to be caught by an advancing 10 or 12?
4 Tap and go penalty option?

A couple of these are fuelled by me also playing Touchdown Manager. In that game the player has an option to select a play when they are the team in possession. A few seconds are allowed before a default option kicks in. It could be a useful inclusion in RM.

Just thought fodder.