Seems everybody name themselves Warrior/Destroyer/etc etc.. but a very few backs it up

20/01/17 06:44
All of you probably already know it too, but too often I see Guild Challenge opponents going for an easy pick, not caring about their so called 'brothers'. Such move can only be defined as selfish and cowardly.

In that matter, I give much respect for THOT from Bones guild. He did go against our top guys, giving chance for his mates to take on more equally matched up battles. Giving GC victory a chance. Such is only a commonsense within our guild, Coalition, but is very rare to see among other guilds that we've faced so far. THOT, you are an awesome teammate! All of Bones should recognize that.

And also in that matter, no respect toward Double. What a chicken head, go lay an egg.

GC aint over, best luck to u Bones! Already looking forward to our next war with u guys. Hopefully by that time Double would be a better being than a hen.
20/01/17 19:08
I would like to say one thing on Double behalf he usually boost so the other guild we are going against will try him he has a new team but is getting better his tactic in the last 2 challenges got him a total of 6 wins before he was taken out lol But he is quick to boost for his guild and you guys carry a well earned reputation we have enjoyed this challenge so far and again keep up good work
20/01/17 19:14
I would name Myself "Eat At Joy" if them cheap fools at joes bar would pay me to do it ..

21/01/17 05:16
Randy Young :

I would name Myself "Eat At Joy" if them cheap fools at joes bar would pay me to do it ..

you are such a liar .. listen we all know you want to call your team .. THE JUSTIN BIEBER BELIEVERS .. luckily after hours of talking some sense into you you chose your current name .. dont cry its ok
21/01/17 12:08
Justin stopped returning my calls... I'm over that....
22/01/17 14:41
Hey Mark, you are among a few good men and I appreciate you defending Double but he's still a hen in my book lol
Again, much respect for ur guild especially you, of course, and THOT.
Hope u guys enjoyed the battle as much as we did;)

I played THOT on my map a few hrs ago without realizing my team's morale was at 0% lol I should be fired!!! Hahaha

Keep training and i'll see you in GC again soon:)
10/04/17 02:56
Kind of like how in a basketball game about every team has "ballerz" or some spelling of it.