Game crashes

04/02/19 18:19
Am I the only one having this problem(I know I'm not,) but this game causes whatever I may be on, tablet, phone, laptop to crash mid game to where I have to close out the game and restart it. It used to be occasional, but I've had it crash 4 time in 30 minutes this morning, and it gets to be a bit annoying to say the least...
05/02/19 01:21
no crashes from me on my pc or phone so far
05/02/19 02:53
The soccer version has been crashing on my phone lately. TDM has been fine.
05/02/19 11:59
Man, y'all some lucky 4uckers, my shit crashes 20 to 30 times daily...maybe I got shoddy internet, or shoddy devices...
05/02/19 19:17
My screen will lock up my phone or tablet now and then. Usually when scrolling down the shop or ah.
05/02/19 20:38
Somebody feels a little of my pain, sometimes, I want to put my fist thru my tablet...
07/02/19 21:15
games crashed, I cant get on at all
08/02/19 05:14
Restart ur devices maybe? I'm on ice idk when u posted this according to the time they have on ur ticket u posted this one hour into my future...