Caernarfon RFC

07/09/16 12:56
The Man from Delmonte :

No i will reinforce my belief. They have failed to develop the game since level twenty that is a fact? Why is that? And if you read through this thread you will find that many feel they are being ripped off. Why again are you pickimg on me whilst others are saying the same thing? Is it the fact you will never hold a candle to me. Address the issues and stop picking on the customers.

You clearly misunderstand the difference between the role of developer and moderator. Many individuals (including myself) will ( and do ) disagree with the way the game operates in some areas etc etc. Any individual would be pretty naive to believe anything other than that the developers do what they do for financial gain foremost. You however go a step further and allege they have acted criminally, yet you cannot, do not and will not back up that claim.

I therefore ask again, either back up your allegation of criminality or withdraw it. Last chance.
07/09/16 16:28
No one mentioned them breaking the law. Withdraw my complaint? Seriously? No! Allready done. If you'd like the info I'm more than happy to provide it and have been in touch with others that quit in the last 2 seasons. One of these guys hasn't been back on the game for a couple of seasons hasn't trained his players and only been in comp has players with between 300-400 tps to allocate to 6 star upto to 10 star players? And that's from roughly 16 comp games only.

Explain why after upgrading to a l21 training facility you all of sudden don't receive as many tps? Or after a comp game when your starting 15 stay on for the whole game and these players had high training speeds. Hmmmm I wonder if that's to entice us to spend money???

Tell me how a 6* player with below 100% training speed can get 7tps for hard training? Or how bout a 6 star player got 38 pts for a comp game? Care to explain? Want the screenshots?

Also tell me how a whole guild of between level 3-10 all are not in a comp? Not just one guild either.

Tell me why players in the lower levels get cheaper one time offers than players in the higher levels?

Sounds like a bit of premeditated systematic con to me, targeting players who spend more and offering cheaper deals and more favourable option to entice more to spend. Like giving drugs away to create a customer base also could be a little discrimination.

Maybe if you could answer these and more then we are all ears.

By the way this is a forum and last I knew we had freedom of speech so don't threaten me when I voice a opinion based on facts.

The ball is in your 22 and your 50 behind with a few minutes to go
07/09/16 16:36
No one has mentioned anything of that nature you are clearly trying to bully me. There is no for you to pick on individuals and trump up their claims. You are out of order and should apologise or comsider your position.
07/09/16 16:37
Nice post Matty and you speak what most of us consider to be the truth. Why are these moderators not standing up
07/09/16 17:50
Mattyjjj, not sure who rattled your cage but it was not me. My comments were directed purely at the Man from Delmont......Perhaps you should read the thread properly. That said, I merely moderate and help where possible. Your comments are valid (just) in open forum and are there for all to read and make their own decisions upon ( including the moderators over whom I have no control and with whom I have even less discussion - contrary to popular belief). Furthermore, your comments remain within the boundaries of what is acceptable whereas Man from Delmonte's do not.

07/09/16 18:47
I appreciate that my comments probably won't hold much weight due to the nature of my previous posts, but having been a moderator of an official forum of a premiership rugby club for a number of years previously, I like to think I know a little about what is and isn't acceptable.

I can't help but think maybe you are overreacting ever so slightly, Carshalton Colts. I see nothing that alleges any criminal wrong doing, and it does appear that you are abusing your position of supposed power and being rather aggressive towards Man From Delmonte. Demanding that he apologises gives the impression that it is something you have taken personally, when clearly his remarks were pointed at the lazy developers of this cash cow.

I see nothing overly wrong with any of the comments contained within this thread, and you have just made yourself out to be bit of a power tripping egotist.
07/09/16 18:51
Just quit the game already and stop complaining do what us say your are going to do your not being bullied everybody is just fed up of your ***** back up what you say and quit already
07/09/16 18:56
Swearing is bad, m'kay.

I trust the moderators will take the appropriate action.
07/09/16 18:59
Wolfenbüttel RFC :

Demanding that he apologises gives the impression that it is something you have taken personally, when clearly his remarks were pointed at the lazy developers of this cash cow.

Never asked for an apology. Get your facts right. You are of course entitled to your own opinion too.

If somebody would like to get this back on track then fine, otherwise I may as well lock it for the shambles it has become.

07/09/16 19:14
I would have thought one of the prerequisites for being a forum moderator should be the ability to remain impartial. Personally, if I were you I would seriously consider my position and question why you chose to be a moderator in the first place. Was it to make the forum a better place, or to make you feel important?? Clearly you're doing a rather poor job as this thread, along with many others on this forum is riddled with swearing, and children can and do read this.

Anyway, don't quit, Caernarfon.

Happy now??