Tîm Cymru;Tîm Cymru Academy and Tîm Cymru Retirement Home

27/02/18 10:22
been a while but recruiting for all 3 of my guilds if anyone interested at all levels just play the leader's i.e. Taffy's Dragons; Mountain Ash or Cwmbran Town in any of the 3 guilds thxs
27/02/18 11:36
Just change my 3rd guild's name to Tîm Cymru (Beginners Guild) for those just joining the game
27/02/18 19:53
I might come and join ya Ian with NGJB whilst i grow for a bit
27/02/18 19:54
i'm just in a GC but do fancy joining up in your 3rd team
28/02/18 02:02
Glad you are persevering, Ian, despite the fraudulent practices of the Iranian Admin and fucking Sleazy Nitro.

With lots of respect from your former Team Wales members.
28/02/18 09:26
Who R u mate changed the name lol ?
06/03/18 14:03
yes, constantly changing names to fuck up the minds of the dirty bastards at slut nitro & the cheating iranian admin twat. lol

have an account banned indefinitely already and waiting for this account to be banned as well.

easy, create another account & another e-mail account just for leaving truthful comments about fucking slut nitro (mums / sisters / wives / gfs / daughters are pimped out to the dirty iranians)

07/03/18 21:58
lol did i use to call u blue to wind u up?
27/03/18 04:49
I might put my second team with you Ian,and i've sent facebook requests to you