High score

05/06/16 01:04
I just lost a game 56-0. Anybody seen a bigger scoreline than that?
05/06/16 01:57
70-0 is the highest I've seen
05/06/16 09:22
Ive won a few games 70-0 there isnt enough time to score more points..
05/06/16 10:10
I tried fixing one against my other team; and as DK suggests, I got up to 70 and was just in the 22 when the match ended.
05/06/16 14:21
With my best lose strategy and against taff the best we managed was 70 points... Just not enough time as the kick offs and conversions take about 5/6 mins a pop
06/06/16 23:24
With this new patch I just got 77 and I suspect 84/91/98 is not out the question...
08/06/16 18:55
I've only been able to get to 77, think thats probably the max for now