Gvg getting boring!!!

30/09/16 16:49
My guild have played the same guild every second time we challenge and lose heavily as they are alot better than us. We have at least 600k less fans so how do we keep getting them!? As its fan numbers i was on the underetanding its done on. Can for god sake something be put in to prohibit the same guilds playing each other within a set number of challenges. My whole guild are bored.of it and in danger of loosing some of us if not all!!!
30/09/16 17:43
Start the GvG at a different time? Instead of starting it right after leave it a few hours or until the morning (or evening if yours ends in the morning). Should find a whole new batch of teams initiating matches then
01/10/16 09:59
Yeh we have delayed the start quite a few times and still end up with same guild as they mustve delayed as well. U never know when others are pressing!
01/10/16 10:48
That's a little creepy that your delays are synced too, you may have a stalker or a telepath on your hands there! How about just leaving it a full 8-12 hours then retrying it?
01/10/16 13:48
Yeh will be. But just wanted to see if the makers coupdndo something about it in game programming. Easier that way and we can just crack on
01/10/16 15:19
Oh I agree but what what I've read here lately you have as much chance of them reading this as you have of platting diarrhoea so I was trying to offer a solution not relying on non existent devs
01/10/16 19:16
What I do suggest is if you feel you have a solid idea/bug, post it here. If there's positive feedback (which there wasnt really much of here), log a support ticket instead of continuing on the forum. Sometimes you get lucky on the forum but mostly you need to log a ticket to get a response on valid issues