Recent changes to create more ‘randomness’

04/01/18 16:33
Since the recent changes in game play, though I’ve yet to see any patch notes on them, this game has become totally unpredictable in a totally unhelpful way. I lost a game as a result of a clearing kick instead of the usual down field went straight to their winger in acres of space. In another game my four ran in from 30m through 4 tackles in the 78th minute of the game usually no one one has anything left at that point but a four.
05/01/18 08:50
Yeah.... I just played a guild challenge and lost my challenge 14-21. I won every set piece but my backs just couldn't find space or break the line. Immediately afterwards I challenged the same team in a friendly, using the same strategy, and I won 31-3. Backs found space easily and broke the line no problem.

I'm told that the game uses a different engine for friendlies and guild challenges. My question then, is what is the point of playing friendlies if you can't use them to develop strategies that can be used in guild challenges and championships?
05/01/18 08:52
I tell you one thing though, with all the randomness in the game, I see no compelling reason to spend any more money on this game.
05/01/18 10:30
Just played a league game dominated possession led the game but lost two tries to a player who ran through my defence with lower skills and attributes than my players. This is a total joke!!

Someone explain why this makes any sense?
05/01/18 12:44
Just to add played a friendly against the same player and easily beat with similar possession stats to the game I lost.

So what are the game engines, how many of them are there, why do we need them and when we’re they introduced?
05/01/18 14:15
Sounds like mb
05/01/18 14:41
05/01/18 14:53
Sounds like the other team used match bonus, the slider bar you can use to magically make crappy players superstars for a price
05/01/18 16:20
Thanks, still doesn’t answer the question of the different ‘game engines’?
05/01/18 16:33
Correct, but it does answer how some one weaker can be stronger. The game engine has been asked lots of times and I don't think anyone who has direct knowledge of the game engines has ever posted on this forum