We've Got Strats My backside!

01/12/16 20:45
Hillcrest is a mb Queen, just look at the resaults
01/12/16 20:53
Have to be careful here boys... I used a ghost strategy in a friendly against Backwell and figured out what I needed. Then switched to another and smashed him. Supposed that looked like I used MB? I 100% guarantee no MB was used at all, so all is not what it seems.
01/12/16 20:54
Again I ask for specific examples as you are the accusers here.

Liverpool RFC regarding your games, what you fail to mention is when you beat Lunatics at home you used substitutes which was not used in the GvG game. Now as you use a high rhythm strategy as is clear in the games played and your individual player rhythm on several players being set to 100% it is apparent that your players will be beyond useless in the last 10 minutes of the game. If you watch the guild challenge game you will see the winning try was scored in the last 10 minutes due to the fact that your player could not tackle due to low energy due to high rhythm.

Also taking the home advantage into consideration (which has now been confirmed by sublinet) the scoreline would be much closer should Lunatics initiate the game instead of yourself. That matchup definately had no mb involved.
01/12/16 20:59
So your telling me he would still be in the game in the last 10 min?,
01/12/16 21:03
Guys like you put a person off of this game completely. Really thought this was a nice gvg until the mudslinging began. Anyways I am over this! Have a nice life and keep filling the developers pockets with your bought teams. Cheers
01/12/16 21:07
Steven Dickinson :

So your telling me he would still be in the game in the last 10 min?,

In the last 13 minutes of the game he scored 10 of his 16 points and you scored zero which is alligned with your player energy depleting.

Looking at the friendly you initiated, 14 of the points you scored were after you made substitutions which leaves you with 14 before substitutes were done. This is exactly the same number ofnpoints you scored in the gvg where you did not substitute.

01/12/16 21:22
Guys if your denying your guild dont use match bonus you are being dellusional. There are 5 games which anyone who knows anything about this game will know match bonus was used. Its either match bonus or several grams of amphetamine! Again I dont mind you using it, just stop bullshitting people that you dont.
01/12/16 21:27
Still waiting for you fellas to name the games
01/12/16 21:27
Please stop being vague and tell me which matches so we can have a fair opportunity to defend ourselves and if there was mb used address it
01/12/16 21:32
They are so obvious there is no need, two of the teams already named here.