Underhand tactics

12/01/18 20:45
Bluemooners :

Ravens from my guild (Webb Ellis) will almost certainly not achieve a single promotion this season, as a direct result of the match mixing in his league which has been taking place all season on a mass scale. It's there for all to see if you scroll through his league's results. It has been there for all to see for 3 seasons now. But the develeopers continue to allow it and continue to not punish the guilty teams. So the clean teams are the ones being punished. And for god's sake, don't mention the names of the cheats on the forum of you'll be banned instantly by the forum Police. Irony eh?
Anyway that takes me from a statement to a question... are there even developers anymore? We don't even get new looking buildings now when they increase a level. What exactly do they do apart from sit back and cash in?
Had enough and won't be spending a penny more.

Oh dear, it is another Friday night. The teams involved in 35-35 draws in Raven’s league so far are Rhino, vmax sozo, Burntisland Buccaneers, White Sharks, Coach Fluffy Pink qBall, Ivory National Team (CAG), T-BONE and Les turbos en panne (CAG). It also looks like some planned draws may have gone wrong. These teams come from five different Guilds. They have not cheated according to the rules of this game (happy to talk about why that particular word is an issue on the forum in a different thread BM), but that word aside, I agree with everything you have said.
12/01/18 22:34
Like i said, on a mass scale now. It's been going on for at least 3 seasons with absolute zilch being done to stop it. Why are the guilty teams not being suspended from the game as Ospreys (Arena) was a few months back for a different offence? Also strip them of all points and relegate them. If needs be, suspend their guilds also.
This would never be condoned in our guild, any guilty teams would be kicked. It says a lot about the moral fibre in each of these guilds. One of the worst culprits is the leader of Arena of Champions.
12/01/18 22:48
Now this is interesting, if mooners gets banned seems a team GB lad gets nipped as well. And if there is no ban is it because the team GB lad named the names? Very interesting. And to clarify before nobody says I'm calling for bans let me be clear, I'm not. Just interested to watch.
12/01/18 23:10
Tip of the iceberg. Half of the guild are at it. Like i say, it all comes from the leader obviously condoning, dare i say even encouraging it.
13/01/18 16:15
All their match fixing left me to win most of my matches to come top. I counted 17 matches arranged as draws or wins to ensure the certain usual suspects got promoted. I just hope in the next championship there are a few less matches fixed to give everyone an equal chance or promotion.....oh well on to the next.... must be time for the pub.....