Training update

04/02/19 21:05
Another monumental cock up brought to you by Sweat Nurdo. Much more ruination and they'll be losing their cash generator in spades.
05/02/19 16:10
completely ruined it for me
06/02/19 12:19
Bring back the old training calculations...
07/02/19 00:31
its shockingly bad.
09/02/19 17:00
I get 3 TPs for an 8 hour session. It def gives more TPs than the max session before.
09/02/19 18:45

according to my excel data (I keep daily track of the progression), the new 2 hours give as much TPs than the old one and cost less energy.

The new training system is better and give more TP than before thanks to the 8 hours option, since the update my progression increased by 11% (with L26 training center and training skills >190%).

In this case the update is pretty good but it's a shame Sweet Nitro wasn't able to explain it to players ...

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