Auction House

13/01/16 19:43
A chap in my guild said that the auction house I see is only that of players who playboy the same championship level
Is this true? So I play in 9 and I cannot see other champ teams playing in 8 or 10 for example.
13/01/16 21:33
If this is the case then it is total madness!! Be interested to hear from admin on this.
14/01/16 11:32
Yes; your chap was right.
15/01/16 14:47
Admin. You need to get this changed on the next update if you agree post below...
15/01/16 19:37
The problem is that higher level championships are able to train there players higher making it hugely un balanced if a lvl 3 had access to lvl 10 players and there being no real reason to try and level up
15/01/16 21:57
Is there anyway you can sell players ?
16/01/16 05:27
Yes click on the individual player and on the side there is a transfer tab
16/01/16 09:22
Big problem is a lvl8 can upgrade players to max 75 stats and a lvl3 to max 40 (I think) so if a lvl3 player buys a player from a lvl8 player the max stats on the bought player will be 40, all the other stats will just fall away and go to waste. Think that is why it is like that, I'm happy with it as is
16/01/16 09:28
It just has to beset up so that you can only buy players of a quality available to you at a level. But the current system is ridiculous and completely unacceptable.
16/01/16 09:36
I found a good amount of players to choose from every time I went out in search of a new player, off course the coiners will get cream of the crop, but with some saving up and guild challenges everybody can build up a solid team from the players available