Top 10 Guilds & Top Players

06/07/16 11:32
El's Dynamos :


welsh wizzards one of the best you having a laugh? without match bonus of money spent on this game he wouldnt have a clue, not one single person from arena of champions are good they all use MB simply because they rubbish, beastieboys another player that wouldnt be inside top 50 never mind top 10 idiots,

Hi KKS!! How are you doing? You should use your game name here - it's fine!!

Never heard of KKS. What guild is he in?
06/07/16 11:35
never heard of KKS myself would also like to know this
06/07/16 11:47

not sure who you're EL but since you was been polite i will say hi back why do i need to use my game name here? its irrelevant

Sorry, mistaken identity - I thought you might have been one of our ex guild members... It's useful to know who the teams are as we invariably end up talking about how we've done against each other!
06/07/16 11:51
Hi El we had KKS in our guild too, he doesnt stop long, decent player. If you fancy popping over for tomorrows gvg, youd be more than welcome. We are unvieling a new strategy tomorrow, MUGATU , another one developed by the "The Three Brothers" wed like your thoughts and input on it in some inguild games, and chat.
06/07/16 11:53
We are also kicking someone after the gvg, and of next season we wont have anyone under level 21. We dont use mb in any gvg, and only use MB in championship matches against MB queens like Welsh Wizzard, who spends his pension here if recent posts are to beleived lol.
06/07/16 11:54
we have never played like i said earlier i havent heard of so i cant of played you,
06/07/16 11:59
the makers of this game are loving Gareth Lewis, his pension is a hefty sum i do believe
06/07/16 12:00

we have never played like i said earlier i havent heard of so i cant of played you,

Fair enough! Feel free to play me in a friendly if you fancy a game sometime - I'm in the international lions guild.

Cheers for the invite Birkinhead, I probably will pop over - there's some sorting out to do in our guild so once that's done and the gvg is over I'll give you a shout.
06/07/16 12:03
no need to play friendly either, achieves nothing does it? you can hit me with the invite too if you like birkinhead
06/07/16 12:18
What level are you SAD, we dont want anyone under 21 lol