New Championship season but Trophies and history has been wiped off.

30/06/16 11:39
Please can you restore the history asap?
30/06/16 15:16
Your trophies have been restored.
01/07/16 01:31
Mine are still messed up, it says I've got the same attainment at the same level many many times
01/07/16 09:41
The achievements were restored but with the same problem as you Joe. One of my teams shows that I have won 107, finalist 26 and 62 semis in Tournaments ffs! Sadly that's not true as there's a glitch which shows the same multiple championship results (7 x some levels).

More worrying I can't access my other team and have sent a support ticket. I get a message showing wrong email or password. I watched my Tournament game through my other team and won but I can't train or build or collect cash.