28/07/16 09:51
Over the last few days, I have been selling my players and at change over tomorrow, I'll sell the last 15. My team is level 25 (26 if I wanted to continue), I have maxed out my fans, I've been double promoted in every league where it is possible, so why would I leave? Surely, I've enjoyed it. Well, I did. It was a great game, a good mix of chat and banter from my excellent guild (International Lions), great advice and guidance from people like Taff, Kewis Welsh Wizards etc and good game play with a mix of strategy, training and the fact that the more you put into the game the more you got out.

I loved it,maybe too much, I spent a bit of money on buying plots of land, on accelerating my growth, to try to catch up with the people who had been in the game longer than me. I enjoyed the challenge, working out who would be boosting, who was playing "clean", it was a great game. But now, all the fun has been stripped away. Of course, a lot of that is because I've maxed out all the buildings that matter and now I'm just upgrading minor buildings, you only go up one league when you're at the top and that's a bit dull. You also see a lot more boosting so your actual quality is less important than the amount of cash you spend which is also dull. But these aren't the reasons I'm leaving. Many of you who've seen my recent posts here will think it's about fans. Well, yes, I think the new upgrade is totally ridiculous, the fact that you get 200 for a win but lose 1080 is disproportionate, because the developers have not factored in the fact that in GVG games, you cannot defend against boosting. So you just have to sit and take it, then hit anyone on your map to get them back. This is stupid, but it's not why I'm leaving.

I'm leaving because Sublinet seem to only care about scraping as much money as they possibly can out of the game. It is increasingly hard to progress without actual money going in. The people who have managed have been with the game far longer than me. The new offers are outrageous, the supposedly "one time offeres" which you can't switch off, and keep coming back regardless of if you buy one, if you ignore one or what, it keeps blinking away in the corner. They said there would be 3 offers, this is sort of true, but if you buy the 1st 2 you just see the 3rd constantly blinking, if you buy that you just get more 79.99 offers again and again. I understand they need to make money but this is pernicious, it is agains the apple rules, they are praying on people and will hopefully get into trouble for it. "Just don't buy them" I hear you say, of course that's the right advice but there should be a way to switch that box off, it should be less invasive it should be less insistent. The shear number of "super players" I see in auctions would suggest that there is a lot of real money going into the game. This is because it is designed to exploit weakness, having built my career in sales, I know what they are doing, I know what rules they are breaking and I understand that their targets include those without the money to afford these prices. I'm lucky, I have some money and I don't mind spending it but I know there are people getting into trouble over this game, which is absolutely crazy. It is a game, it should be fun, it should not put you into debt! The developers are being reckless and ruthless and are trying to cash in before they lose all the players. I'm sad to say, I've helped them do it by giving them money in the past.

I am leaving to get away from that damn box! I wish you all the best, I've met some great people who almost to a person share similar frustrations. I've enjoyed pitting my wits against some very smart people and a load of morons I've enjoyed being part of the best guild in the game and I've enjoyed building a rugby empire! Sublinet have lost the joy they created in the game by over monetising and through sales practices which are designed to pray on the weak, I will not be a part of that.

Tomorrow night all my players will be on the auction and I'll be gone.