Reasons why im leaving

15/08/16 19:36
1. The match bonus system aint fair or fun. If you want to keep the mb system, whats the use of the levels that you qualify for?
2. If a team gets their strategy right, its a penalty fest. You can have the best players, but you can lose because of that ridiculous penalties.
3. Almost impossible to get players in auction due to the fact that they are to expensive. You have to save up recruiter points for a couple of seasons to buy one quality player
4. The way the games are simulated are very very poor. Open try line and they kick the ball out?? Going for 4 try bp with open try line and kick out. Need a try to win and the player drops???
5. I bought to players with real money and they have nothing on much weaker players. I adjusted their strategies in all ways and still nothing.
6. There is obviously teams cheating. How can there be 3 or 4 players on auction at the same time going for 200 000 recruiter points.
7. Worked hard to upgrade to level 21 stadium and then you get 200 fans for a win and lose 1000+ if you lose!!!!!
8. Playing the same teams over and over on the gc.
I used to love this game, but now it annoys the hell out of me because the right updates are not being made. This is a rugby game and should be alot more realistic. Im on level 23 and it took long to get there and now its become extremely disappointing!!!!
15/08/16 22:59
Players aren't cheating. When people leave the game they transfer there recruiter points to other players in there guild and they do it via the market.
16/08/16 13:41
Lazy developers
28/08/16 01:04
I agree with Bertus, the developers need to up their game.
29/08/16 23:32
They're not lazy. They've made a good game. Most of us have played it for a year. They just know they don't need to add any new features unless it has business value. Players will come and go, whatever they do.

I'm sure the next release will have lvl 22 buildings, but hopefully something else cool too.
30/08/16 00:32
There's also the problem of introducing changes to a live game with thousands of existing players. So for instance there are many ideas for new buildings but how would you introduce this without re-pricing the cost of land, especially for experienced players who are priced out of buying new plots unless they have gold balls to spare?
30/08/16 01:17
A lot of games introduce new currencies to get around that problem. For example, you would have to collect 15 kicking tees, 20 shin guards, and 10 tackle bags to open a youth academy. That might work. Items would randomly drop as you train, play and win etc.

I'd like them to add more achievements too. Most of us completed them all months ago.
01/09/16 00:18
Agree it needs some innovation to keep the interest of longstanding players. Perhaps they are holding fire in readiness for a 'start again' new version although the latest bonus packs must have delivered enough revenue to make that seem non-urgent.