Scrum Down Ruck Over Drink Up Awards

21/12/16 01:35
Coach qBaLL :

Manawatu.......... Pacific stars :

Just curious what is the academy your talking about?

A second guild basically. People use it to develop smaller teams to eventually join the main guild should they perform good enough.

Cheers for that
04/10/17 02:53
Hey aa, in case you're feeling a bit nostalgic. Take this trip in the way back machine.
04/10/17 06:28
Great shout BM. Shame about Croxton as it would be good to see where he would be now using his approach. Another one who went to early. Sweetnitro need to get that update out soon and nail it as well on the functionality given two more top players have left the game this week.
04/10/17 08:33
It was indeed a shame about Croxton... would like to have seen him hang around and play the games 'big names' more.
Also Wagmire, who started long before Crox, Me and Monks and quit because the game got stale.
04/10/17 09:04
If it was stale then we must have reached the mouldy stage.