Patch 5.3

19/12/16 14:13
New ranking system!
- Win a training match to take the place of your opponent in the leaderboard!
- Training matches are now limited to 5 matches per day (so choose your opponents wisely)
- Match bonus is not applied to training matches

Increased fan rewards
19/12/16 14:18
Shouldn't it be patch 5.3 PierrotLL?
19/12/16 14:38
You're right, thanks
19/12/16 15:16
This is ridiculous.
If one doesn't launder money through scheming and multiple accounts like fraud or pump tons of real money into the game then one has to play training all day long for many seasons where I have to play weak players to build them up all day just to get them to a good level to compete with them.

Now you make us only be allowed to do 5 training per day? HOW ON EARTH DO WE BUILD UP A DECENT TEAM???

Already the transfer market is so garbage every level up the players become worse and worse! You would expect the players available for transfer to get better the higher you go? That's logic but obviously there is no place for such a thing in this game!
To top that off those with fraudulent funding of accounts using other accounts or those who pump real money now slap on ridiculous sums of money for mediocre players let alone decent or even good.

Each season going up the players available are worse or the same and the bar increased so it takes longer to build up players for a sustainable system each season. The game is becoming a full time job with extremely little reward and little to no joy from an average game!

If you now take away our only chance of building a decent team by limiting training then what chance do those who don't have thousands of dollars to splash have or those who launder money with other accounts?
How do we build an even decent team to compete?

This borders on insulting. The transfer market is ridiculous!

I've submitted great ideas which propose academies to produce decent and good players so that those who don't have cheat recruiter points or tons of dollars laying around can have a chance at good players and work towards something again.

Actually not cheating gives me something to play for to keep me interested in competition but now we have no chance.
Without players we cannot play.

Thanks for this garbage update and kicking out the only leg non money bag players have left to play with.


I'll maybe download again and see if there's any improvement but through any kind of marketing experience you'll know it's much much harder to get clients and customers back once they leave.

At least my real life will benefit from leaving this tedious unrewarding unsatisfying game that has nothing more to offer besides ways to rob us financially
19/12/16 15:20
I know you will hear the squeaky wheels all day, but from my initial viewing of the changes I give you 2 big thumbs up. Player rating is now based on team ability, shocking concept! Thank you for listening to us. Next step, remove mb in championship? (Now I'm off my mb horse).

Oh, and to address the above post, I am not a money spender and I LOVE the change. Also, thank you once again to those who spend money so I can play a wonderful, albeit flawed, game for FREE. And you will get 1 fewer training match per day, 1....And let me try a little logic to counter your 'logic' about higher levels. Isn't the point of having levels separating players by their ability? If that is true shouldn't it get harder the harder the level you get to? Wow, 2 step logic. 'cheat' RP or dollars, never cheating and would love to hear how you think people do cheat, and remember that if you have an academy the better players also have an academy and this would actually widen the gap. I guess the one positive of your post is that since this game is so horrible for you, you have realized your free rights and have decided to delete it. Out of all the games that I have ever played with a chance for coiners, this game has the smallest impact on the game. A high training rate guy in the ah can be just as good as a purchased player. Sublinet, I don't love all you do but overall you deserve credit. Keep trying to improve more and more each day, we appreciate your efforts
19/12/16 16:24
Why must the screen so small. I can barely read what the guild writes. Everything else i do agree with. Please return the size settings back to original.
19/12/16 16:26
Thumbs up from me too - although I would like to see some quality in the auction house too

19/12/16 16:57
I'm quite happy with the update, also thumbs up from me.
19/12/16 17:29
Time will tell with the update. It will certainly add a bit of interest back into the game for a while.
19/12/16 17:31
I also like that it is MB free and with time will be people around your level. In the short term some people will lose out massively and others will gain massively, but I think it will all balance out in the end.