Long skip passes and forward passes... what have you changed???

21/03/17 16:29
Suddenly my team is behaving VERY differently. My 9 no longer passes to 10, he passes straight to 12 or 13 who then passes straight out. That's IF the 9's pass isn't forward, which now happens a LOT. My team is now stuffed. The other teams in my guild are all doing the same thing. You guys have changed something in the game and it's messed up everything. Please tell us what's going on???
21/03/17 21:57
You guys have realy made a royal stuff up of the game now all strats need to be re done wtf man if it aint broke dont fix it. Stop having brain farts and f... shit up. Loads of guys are pretty pissed!!
22/03/17 02:35
Really? I totally disagree.

Even though we are all used to this game historically being Bob The Builder meets Sim City, the introduction of the bouncing ball and the skip / miss passes adds a complete new dimension to what is a STRATEGY game.

Can the bouncing ball be controlled - yes.
Can the miss passes be controlled and made it work for you - yes

Rise to the challenge and use your sliders and your settings to maximise and control the new features. With trial, effort and a bit of commonsense both can be mastered and tamed.
22/03/17 05:50
I have the same outlook on changes Welsh Wizards, and I always say it gives an opportunity. The fastest to adapt will get the edge. But this change came out of the blue with no prior warning, no information whatsoever. Just one minute my team is playing normally, the next game they were totally different. Anyway, I've at least adapted my team now.
22/03/17 17:49
I am with PhusionMedia and Welsh Wizzards on this. I get my No.8 now making 60 metre passes back to my 15 from rucks and scrums. It hasn't done any harm, in fact my 15 has scored a couple of tries because of this so I have adjusted zero settings. It's not a "bug", it's a "feature" and one I like
23/03/17 05:47
For me adjustments were necessary because my 13 kept passing into touch. But now that I've made some adjustments my team is fine again. I confess I was a bit hasty in calling it a bug - it's just that the change came so suddenly and without warning, I thought it was either a bug or I had messed my team up completely with the small tweaks I had been making on my strategy that day! In general I don't mind updates because the fastest to adapt get the edge. So it's an opportunity.