Energy levels during games

23/11/17 21:02
Getting fed up with playing teams that don't get knacked during games, where as my players get knacked, I have tried subbing the whole back line, so they are 100% fit, but still get out run by their players !! no logic to that, my 100% fit players should now outrun their players as they are 50% knacked ? get some fair play on energy levels, or drop energy levels
23/11/17 21:12
have you compared your stamina stats vs theirs?
23/11/17 23:50
sounds like to me your either your not training in stamina or your rhythm is too high meaning your players are burning out fast or the worst case scenario you' have both . Also might be worth checking out the speed stats of your opponent theres a lot that could be wrong but most likely one is your rhythm being too high would be my guess whther that be on your player settings or in your advanced . Also depending on how many strategy bases you have and what level in comparision to that of your opponent will have an effect on the speeds your opponent can run at .
25/11/17 17:29
Also consider sports shop. What value of shoes do you /they have. A 3* v 1* would make quite a difference
29/11/17 21:01
Guys it's not my team, it's the team I/we are playing, why don't they knacker themselves eg team at 54% energy across their team, average 75% rhythm, but still at 70mins out run my backs, who are 100% fit ? logic says 54% energy at start means 2nd half they are knacked, not running around like spring chickens !! if you train your team and are at 54% energy then tuff luck, a team who are 100% fit and sub at 50 mins for 100% fit players out run their backs hands down, but your system seems to put their team at 100% from start even though their team is 54% fit !!
29/11/17 21:26
Energy and rhythm are two different things. The base rate at which your players slow down is determined by a combination of their stamina rating, their rhythm setting and your overall strategy rhythm setting. Factors that others have mentioned also have an influence.
Energy, along with morale and star rating, determine your players overall performance.
07/12/17 22:45
Ummm yeap I know that, but really guys, what is the point of playing if teams have 54% energy, and 70 mins into game out run your fresh fit players who are higher star players !! No logic, make it real, your team gets knacked but theirs don't !!