Player recruitement and retirement age

24/03/18 06:53
Hi Gents

What are the possibilities of looking into the retirement age of players in your squad and boosting it to 35 years of age.
Also what if there was a trade window where you and members in your guild could trade players or even swap players amongst one another.
The players in the auction house are not up to it - and I do not want to waste my recruiter coins on guys with stats that are 20 championship levels below my players.
You could even have tournaments where the winner of the final and the runner-up receive two or three quality players instead of golden balls.
Please consider tournaments where all the participants in the tournament can win players that are of equal rating to their respective championship levels.
26/03/18 20:59
sweetnitro wonts raise the retirement ages because the get lots of real money from player sales
they wont alow swaps becuase they gets loads of money from player sales.
they wont give you mega players to buy in a/h because if they did they wouldnt get much money from player sales...
golden balls are useless, I have 1139 that i dont need. (maxed team with 1000+ training points)
only play the tournys for gate cash. but they wont give you maxed players for something you can fix between your self on whats app..
do you see the pattern