Springbok Army - Recruiting

24/02/20 11:42
Hello everyone.

We at Springbok army are looking for senior players to join us,(mid 90's lvl and above) We are currently in the top 100 and we have very active members. If you don't avg 500kits a season don't bother. Springbok Army is one of the oldest guilds on RM and has experienced a renewal in fresh blood and leadership. All comers are welcome. We work on invitation only so play a friendly against Scopa to receive an invitation. This guild is as much a legacy of the game as the legends that once took it all the way to the top.


25/02/20 12:03
Good luck with the recruitment drive guys. Springbok Army is a very well known guild and it would be great to see you guys back at the top again.
29/02/20 09:53
Thank you Damage! We'll keep at it, Springbok Army will keep fighting the good fight.