Send a message with a Guild invite and post various wins answer losses

05/03/18 04:38
I wish you could send a message with your Guild invites. That way we could give some kind of sales pitch for why we feel that person is needed/desired, and what the benefits would be if they switch guilds.

(Example: I see you are just an experienced player on your Guild, if you switched over to us I could promise that you would become a RIGHT HAND IMMEDIATELY and based on your activity/participation (communicating on the message board and giving heal kits) within that first week and how well you do in our Guild Challenges within that week you can be made a LEADER within that first week. On top of that we play 3 Guild Challenges per week so there are lots of chances for cash, not to mention we win A LOT of challenges (since Christmas we have lost 3 challenges and we play 3 per week).

That would be an awesome way to try and lure a good player away from another Guild and over to yours.

ALSO, it would be awesome if there was a record of each individual teams Wins and Losses in guild challenges next to their team name when you viewed a Guild. That way you could tell how active a person is. I know that would be a lot for the game creators to constantly update, BUT you could make that a privilege/responsibility of becoming a "LEADER" within a guild (that takes the headache and overall time of updating it away from the game creators and puts it on the shoulders of the guild itself) My Guild has 5 "LEADERS" and we are ALL HIGHLY active and this would give one of us a responsibility to take care of and make us feel more like a leader.

ALSO, how about listing a Guilds overall WINS and LOSSES in Guild Challenges and ranking Guilds by it instead of a guilds total cumulative fanbase (unfortunately this is something you would need to be in charge of because people would lie too much)? I know you show their wins but not their losses. This way a person could know if you are joining a competitive/active Guild or just one that ONLY plays when they are challenged (my first guild never challenged anyone, they just got challenged and lost EVERY TIME. It was boring and I almost quit the game. LUCKILY I was invited by my current Guild and I have been happy ever since).

JUST SOME IDEAS that I and MANY MANY MANY others would like to see within the game.
09/03/18 04:04
I like all these ideas