05/02/19 03:47
We are still looking for about 8 teams to help us compete with the Pimps. We have a few open spaces, a few inactives and a few 2nd teams we could move to make room. No disrespect to the other top guilds, but as things stand now we are the closest to competing with the pimps. To beat or tie them, you have to beat Karl, Zeke, ASU and Bandits. Between myself and TK we are capable (not easily) of pulling that off. I don't see the other top guilds being able to currently do that. Ideally we need a couple teams that can compete against teams in the 60's, the remainder could be in the 50's. If you're growing tired of the game and want a challenge before you call it quits, think about joining us.
06/02/19 22:39
We're #2, we're
07/02/19 02:52
I can't wait to play you. just saying
08/02/19 05:18
Randy Young :

I can't wait to play you. just saying

Keep me posted u guys have half ur teams in a different guild and we are laying low and building at the outsiders. Which is perfect with the new update drop. I wish they had GC challenge scoreboards so other guilds could see how things are showing down
08/02/19 10:23
well we have a few guys down in the training guild training up the next gen and rebuilding.. it's very nice to have our own rehab center lol..

09/02/19 01:52
It's all good Randy, it's just a game. I only was joking because of a previous thread that someone, I forget who, was whining that they should be #2. You had replied on the post as well, maybe you'll remember who it was... doesn't really matter. We just played the Pimps, lost of course, but I think we got like 18 wins, so we're improving. Hell, I think we're almost there, we've added 2 or 3 good teams over the past week. If anyone is looking for a new home and wants to be a part of building the next powerhouse, come to the Bar and hangout with some chill guys that just talk alot of smack on chat, but we have the knowledge you need to be great in this game, and we'll gladly help you grow. Come see us at the Bar....
09/02/19 02:15
It's all good Pack.. not mad at all.. but hey to beat the best you have to play the best.. So we look forward to playing a solid team like you guys.. it's all good

You know that it will be hell of a match for sure
09/02/19 06:44
For sure, that it will be...
10/02/19 12:57
We just added another great team, Gators19. One step closer, can you hear us now?
10/02/19 21:39
honndog good dude bounces around a bit butt a solid Pickup