The slow and painful death of TDM

31/10/21 18:07
Not sure how everyone that still plays feels but I think those of us that remain need to flood the idiots that run tis game with something similar to what I sent below....

Not sure if you a trying to kill the game or not but this latest round of changes is chasing away players you had been keeping around that actually spent real cash. The reduction of speed was ill advised to say the least. You have taken a game and made it too much work to appeal to most people. Guilds are struggling to maintain 20 active teams on their rosters in order to compete in guild challenges. You need to give something back. Guild challenges used to only require 10 guild members in order to enter. That needs to come back. You have created a problem where in all of the top players are congregating to two guilds and everyone else is really starting to lose interest. Your overall lack of understanding of american football has long been a weak point for you and that coupled with limiting player speed reduction may just be what finally kills this game. Sad really that if you would just take advice from people that understand the real american football game you could have had one heck of a cash cow.