Dynasty Members are killing Brotherhood

18/11/16 18:33
Ron Reeves :

I just destroyed Randy 34-0 head to head in a friendly. No way in heck this clown beat Aggie head to head without using a slider. A lot of air comes out of your blow hole, Randy. But, nothing of substance comes out from our little candle maker.

why don't you ask aggie ... ?? beat him a 2nd time just a few weeks ago when he played me.. .. then told him how to fix it...

anyway don't matter.. i took a season off and I am def not where i was...

be well

18/11/16 18:45
Wow, this is a crazy read, not understanding all of it, but one thing I do know.

This Ashley person's opinion means nothing to me.

I have read a lot in the forums, yet this person is a dichotmy of common sense and reason, and why I think of anything he/she types is a waste of time to read for one simple reason.

Over and over again, Ashley states "I play ALL the Sublinet games" at the same time stating, "Admin sucks. Devs suck"

Umm, what? They suck so bad, the games suck so bad, but you play all of them? May I ask WHY?!?! You make no sense. You create threads in the guild forum just to try to bash the game, devs, and admins. What the hell does that say about you? Not once, but twice. Then post after yourself stating, "oh, look, I am getting somewhere, it has 65 views"

Um, no, you are not. That's why no one replied to you.

You make no sense.

Obviously you are addicted to sucking. "The game sucks. The devs suck. I play all of them" Yowch! I am just glad I am not you, cause it must suck to be you.
18/11/16 19:19
and yet again Jason you all hypocritically say your not replying but isn't that just what you've done? O yes it is I think would be the correct answer I think
18/11/16 19:30
Who is you all? I mainly post to ask questions about the game. This was the only one about you, as you make no sense, and shall never be about you again. Good lord, you are addicted to attention. you have some serious psychological problems. I shall not speak of you or to you again, and that probably kills you. Have a pleasant day, if you can.
18/11/16 19:33
Ignored my question I thought so expected nothing less because you know it's all truth what I say that's why you dodge the question